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Are you ready for a healthier life? Would you like to finally get rid of your excess weight? Prodimed offers a unique, efficient and cost effective programme, where you can lose weight in a healthy and responsible way, with our higher protein diet. The key to success is friendly, personal support by a health or nutritional expert combined with a proven weight reduction programme, delivering healthy nutrition and improvements in lifestyle and well-being. This unique combination ensures long term results!

Expert guidance

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The role of the Prodimed health expert is to develop a personal maintenance programme especially for you. This programme will ultimately become your natural diet. During your diet, you have weekly appointments with your Prodimed expert in which your weight is measured each time and the progress of the diet will be discussed. You are therefore under constant supervision to guarantee that your diet is a success. If you experience any side effects your Prodimed expert is the right person to discuss this with. Adjustments will be made to your dietary pattern as necessary. Finally, your Prodimed expert also advises you on the preparation of the products or ways to make the programme even more enjoyable for you. In short, s/he is there for you throughout the process to guide you as best as possible in achieving your goal!

All Prodimed Clinics health experts offer their supervision and advice free of charge!

The different phases

Step by step to a healthy dietary pattern

The Prodimed Treatment Programme consists of five phases whereby you will first lose the necessary weight and subsequently build up step by step to a healthy and balanced diet. This unique combination ensures long-term results! The desired weight loss is ensured with the aid of protein supplements in an effective and comfortable way during the active phases. During the transitional phases you will gradually switch to a normal diet, so that you can be guaranteed of a fully controlled diet during the maintenance phase.

taste & variety

Diversity of flavours

Prodimed offers an extensive range of products that are available in different flavours and formats. This avoids a monotonous diet and ensures a pleasant change in the strictest phase of the diet. This also ensures that the diet is easy to maintain and to follow.

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My Prodimed

Online insight during weight loss

“My Prodimed” is our user-friendly free online system that gives you quick and easy insight about your personal programme and weight loss through your own personal account. It can be followed throughout the world as long as you have access to the Internet. It graphically displays the results obtained and offsets these against your set goal. You are also immediately in contact with your health expert and can ask questions or obtain advice through this platform with just one click of your mouse!

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A healthy weight is important

A healthy weight helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is an index of your weight relative to your height. The result gives you an instant indication of whether you are overweight and by how much.

Are you overweight? We will gladly help you with personal advice!

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We hope that we have given you a good picture of Prodimed, our ethos and our products.

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