Short introduction

Prodimed is a leading producer and distributor of dietary products with affiliated trained and qualified dietitians, nutritionists, doctors and health professionals, through whom Prodimed is exclusively obtainable. Our mission is to help people to lose weight in a proper and responsible way without the frustration of reverting back to old habits. We do this with a reliable product and a clear formula, that reflects leading nutritional thinking and a behaviourally based approach to addressing poor dietary habits. We strive to have a close cooperation with our affiliated health experts and physicians so that together we can offer a solution for a growing health problem.


Global network

Obesity is a growing problem worldwide. Due to scientific studies conducted exclusively with Prodimed by the LUMC and the great successes constantly achieved in practices & clinics, there is an increasing demand for Prodimed in other countries and Continents.

Prodimed are always keen to address this problem, and we are going through enormous growth in order to provide a truly international solution.

Currently Prodimed has offices in Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao.

From idea to product

Development and production

Prodimed offers an extensive range of products that are available in different flavours and formats to avoid a monotonous diet while dieting and to ensure enough variety. Prodimed owns an exclusive recipe and in order to obtain the best results we have a team of specialists who are constantly working on new developments. We concentrate on important factors such as quality, composition and taste. Prodimed has a full development and packaging process in-house, and we use the latest and most advanced modern technology to ensure that we can meet our growing international demands during peak periods.

Distribution centre

Stock management and deliveries

Prodimed also manages the entire distribution and warehouse in-house. Through a modern and central distribution centre, which is equipped with the latest automated technology and which meets the highest quality standards. Orders placed 24/7 are processed daily, shipped around the whole world and delivered by reliable and certified carriers.

Professional support

Customer service

The Prodimed Treatment Programme is based upon a scientific and medical-founded basis and thereby requires professional knowledge and skill. With a modern equipped customer service you can count on solid support and guidance from our qualified health experts, who are available both for consumers and for the corporate sector.
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We hope that we have given you a good picture of Prodimed, our ethos and our products.

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